Searches Were More Spiritual this Holiday Season

This from Online Media Daily, "Consumers became more spiritual and less materialistic this holiday season, according to San Francisco-based Kontera. The company supports that premise with analysis from technology it taps to provide advertising services to more than 10,000 Web publishers in its network."

Suzy and I have been not doing the present thang for years to each other and now expanding that to family and friends. Instead we go out to dinners, movies, the symphony, etc. But I slip up every once in a while when I see something that I think my sister might like. We also don't do the paper holiday cards anymore.

I saw a quote that was not attributed last week that caught my eye. It went something like this, "Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate." I used search on the Internet and discovered that Thomas Jones said that.With the advent of social software like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, I'm not seeing that as much anymore. I have so many friends in my network, some who I actually know.  :o)

I'm listening to Bail Run from the Best of Fourplay on

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