Snow hits Seattle – Work from Home Day

We woke up this morning to thunder snow. Lighting was flashing while the snow came down. We've four inches of the white stuff much to our puppy's delight. Here are some shots of the situation.

DSCF1108 DSCF1110 DSCF1111

So there you have it, a very rare occurrence at our house, I am working from home. All my meetings were canceled. The news was so full of stories of people getting stuck, driving the wrong way on highways, and just stopping in the middle of the road that I finally turned it off. It is really a bad situation because most of these people rarely, if ever, drive in snow.

So I'm posting to the company blog, making my way through emails, and listening to Brad Benefield's Xmas 06 "Acoustical Christmas" CD. Tasty stuff. Amelia the puppy just wandered over and flopped on the floor next to my feet. She has been sneaking on the end of our bed every night. When we are awake we chase her away but when we are asleep she gets away with it.

My next blog will be about how I set up my office. Lisa moved her office from downstairs to the loft and it made a huge difference space and view wise. My IM is buzzing with coworker's pings. It's hard to concentrate with all the stuff going on.

Be well. Enjoy those friends and family. Tis the season and all.

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