Microsoft SecondLight: Surface on Steroids

Microsoft researchers demonstrate SecondLight, a new variation of the company’s Surface technology, at the Professional Developers Conference in L.A.


Meet the CRM MVPs – 2008

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team is very fortunate to have a strong group of CRM MVPs once again this year. The Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) overview: Microsoft presents the MVP Award to thank individuals for their exceptional contributions to technical communities worldwide. When a community participant sees an MVP in a technical community, whether…


Worlds Coolest Virtual Earth 3D Viewer… So Far

For anyone who was at the Show Off event at PDC 2008 this week you would have seen this. If you weren’t I would definitely check out this short video showing the best Virtual Earth Viewer I’ve ever seen. Somewhere in my past as a Major in the Corps of Engineers, I discovered a love…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Archiving 101

There’s really nice article about Archiving that I recommend to my readers. Called To Archive or Not, it describes the issues and considerations that may have led you to archiving as a solution to performance problems that you have been experiencing and  directs you to resources to help you resolve those issues. When you have…


Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Strategy

The Seattle Times has a very interesting article today titled, “Details about Microsoft’s cloud computing expected at conference.” By conference they are referring to the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles this week. Indeed many of my coworkers are there already. Microsoft will be outlining their strategy and since I don’t own the pieces…


CRM MVP Conference Redux

Ronald Lemmen found some pictures on his camera from this year’s Global MVP Conference in Redmond. The first one is of my band the Dissonance: This picture clearly shows Curtis Spanburgh in his first guitar gig in the Seattle area. We now have proof. BTW, that’s my lovely wife Suzy on alto sax, Gary Anderson…


Customization’s Video

Do you ever toy with the idea of customizing your CRM implementation. Start with this video. I’m off to a two day class. Cheers.


Friday Funnies: The Catio X-55 Synth

Saw this at work today and it just made me laugh. Do you think there’s a potential for any interesting story there?  ;o) I’m listening to Kermit the Frog’s theme song,  Bein’ Green sung by the inimitable Ray Charles.


CRM MVPs on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resource Center

Joel Lindstrom of CustomerEffective is the first CRM MVP to provide an article on the Resource Center. It is titled, “Categorizing tracked e-mail in Microsoft Dynamics CRM”. “You are a busy professional who sends and receives a large quantity of e-mail messages. Fortunately, you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so you track these messages from Microsoft…


New Perk: Second Shot at Microsoft Certification

Microsoft Learning has had an offer in market since August 5th called Second Shot. You can ‘take a certification exam, if you fail, you get a second chance for free.’ Microsoft Learning is about to sweeten the offer. Tomorrow, Wednesday 10/15,  there will be an additional reward on top of Second Shot. It provides value…