Day of Caring: The Microsoft Jazz Band

Some of you know I have a habit of starting up new bands that become long-running traditions, opportunities for hobbyist musicians, and usually all about the jazz genre. To this end I've started a quasi-official Microsoft Jazz Band at work. The number of musicians at Microsoft is staggering. So many classically trained musicians, many of whom were pro musicians until they decided it would be nice to eat on a regular basis. Don't get me talking about what a cut-throat, low-paying business the world of jazz is for most jazzers.

This year the band will have some really truly stellar musicians, some of the best on Seattle's eastside. My challenge is to come up with some music that we can practice twice and then perform to a decent standard. Not only that  but this year I'm introducing a vocalist who used to be pro. So much goodness in this the fourth year of this project.

So here is the draft set list.

  • Hayburner (Basie)
  • The Red Door (Mulligan)
  • Do Nothing - vocal
  • Summertime
  • Stormy Weather - vocal
  • Goovin’ Hard
  • Misty or Harlem Nocturne (lead alto’s choice)
  • Makin’ Whoopee - vocal
  • Blues in the Night
  • My Funny Valentine - vocal
  • Basie Straight Ahead
  • Groove Merchant
  • Jumping at the Woodside (Basie)

Yes, it's only an hour, but we do it three times on the Day of Caring if you include practice and the two gigs. I need to add two more songs. Suggestions are welcome. :o)

Comments (3)

  1. says:

    What about Gillespie’s "One Note Samba" – that should be a quick one to learn.

  2. 365blog says:

    This just makes me smile. Gillespie could really sell it though, couldn’t he? I’ve picked out "Two O’clock Jump" and we’ll call it good.  :o)

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