Channel 9 – The Dynamics Duo talk CRM & SharePoint Integration

CRM_SP Ran across this very interesting video from Channel 9.

"We use a SharePoint List Web Part to pull data from CRM to show a list of CRM users and the hours from their time sheets.  This was pulled directly from CRM using web services.  We also show how could use that data to display a dashboard style gauge using Dundas Gauge for SharePoint.  You can pull CRM data directly into SharePoint to build a dashboard.  You can then pull that dashboard into the CRM web client (minus the SharePoint chrome).  By pulling it into the web client it automatically shows up in the Outlook client.  Speaking of Outlook; in the last segment we talked about customization but didn’t show the Outlook client so Girish gives us a quick tour of how that works also.

Each of the forms in CRM are URL-addressable.  Girish puts that to good use in showing how you can pop a CRM form directly from within SharePoint.  He also shows how CRM lights up automatically when you have Office Communicator installed leaving room for some interesting Unified Communication scenarios.  We should probably do an episode on UC soon."

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  1. JALS says:

    Hi Jim, thanks a lot for this helpful and interesting information. Do you know if I could get the code used in the example Girish gave???.

    Thanks in advance!


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