SaaS: It’s closer than you think

CRM MVP Curt Spanburgh, who is also a killer guitarist BTW, writes in the June 9th issue of Windows IT Pro.

"Online applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online are on the front lines of anytime, anywhere computing—and make business sense."

He closes with:

"Dynamics CRM Online is one example of how Microsoft is providing a worthwhile array of SaaS/cloud computing/S+S offerings in addition to its server-based applications. These online applications are a pragmatic, extensible option for small businesses or organizations that would rather direct their resources into growing their business instead of dedicating onsite technical staff to supporting applications."

And the comments are interesting too, such as:

"Very informative article, Curt. It will be very interesting to see how we “technologists” fit into the future. If we’re smart, we’ll be proactive and become familiar with this new technology sooner rather than later. Otherwise, it will pass us up and we’ll be the way of the dinosaurs.

Thanks for filling us in on this technology. We’ll look much better to our managers if we bring this technology to them….instead of them bringing it to us…."


I am listening to From the Top by saxophonist Euge Groove.

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