Preparing Your Organization for Dynamics CRM 4.0

CRM MVP Matthew Wittemann writes an article for the titled 'How Prepared is Your Organization for Dyanmics CRM 4.0?'

"CRM 4.0 introduces a new hosted option as well (recently re-dubbed Dynamics CRM Online), which delivers much of the product's functionality over the web from a Microsoft data center or partner hosting facility. But for organizations with sophisticated integration or data security requirements, the on-premise solution is often the delivery method of choice.

For those organizations opting for an on-premise CRM 4.0 installation, this article provides guidance for how best to prepare your infrastructure and IT team..."

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Kudos to Matthew for writing another compelling CRM article!

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  1. Josie Fleschute says:

    While I like the news pointer I really hate having to sign up for yet another site just to read the article. :o(

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