New President of Microsoft Business Division

The Seattle PI has a rather nice article about the new Microsoft Business Division Vice President, Stephen Elop. I wonder if I'll ever get to ride in his Cessna Turbo 182. Not! After twenty years in the US Army, I'm not anxious to ride in small jets anymore. And to think I've jumped out of many of them including a jump from a moving helicopter with full gear!


I like this indirect mention of CRM Online:

"One area in which the division has been adjusting is in its Dynamics business software line, recently launching an online version of its customer-relationship management program to compete with"

They could have called this team out though if'n you ask me.

Also note this:

"Elop, 44, the former chief executive of Macromedia Inc., was named in January to succeed longtime Microsoft executive Jeff Raikes, who this week was named the next CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation."

Way cool. You can read more at the the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation website. And if this foundation is news to you here is a top-level overview:

"The Seattle-based foundation has a $37.3 billion endowment and more than 500 employees. It is organized into three program groups, Global Health, Global Development, and the U.S. Program, each led by a president. Since its inception, the foundation has committed more than $16 billion in grants intended to ensure that all people have the opportunity to live healthy, productive lives."


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