Gas reaches record high in Washington

Gas MSNBC reports that "The AAA auto club says the average price of a gallon of gas in Washington is a record $3.80. That's up 26 cents in the past month and 38 cents in the past year. It's also eight cents higher than the national average."

Now that's no where near my prediction that some where in Washington state gas will hit $5 a gallon this summer. I made that prediction last year when that happened to California. But it is getting closer.

So my decision eight years ago to move closer to work and, oh by the way, closer to my parents too, looks better all the time. And that moped I bought last year will return the investment on the price much faster than I'd originally calculated. But I'm seeing some other changes too.

The diet pizza my mom buys was $5 last year and it's $8 this year. My daughter sez that most of the food she buys has gone up significantly in price. Since I don't shop, I haven't noticed this but I expect I will when the price of a cup of custom coffee goes up.

So my parents and daughter have given up extra driving so far. And I suspect a vacation or two will be canceled too. A family has got to pay the bills and eat.

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