What’s in a Name: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

This has been reported many places including ChannelWeb:

"Microsoft is making it clear that its software-as-a-service CRM application, now being rolled out to the general marketplace, isn't just for small businesses. So the vendor is changing its name to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to distinguish it from Microsoft's other "Live" products that target consumers and small businesses."

It's always a challenge to select a new name for a product that will mean something to the customer, partners, and ISVs alike. And I like this choice. I use a lot of Windows and Office Live stuff and so the Online makes it a little clearer to me and I'm closer to it than most. Live is about the customer offerings and Online is where it's at for enterprises.

So I eagerly awaited official announcement, one that I can full embrace and now, share. :o)

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