ZDNET: Microsoft’s Platform as a Service Plans

CharlieParker Microsoft’s Platform as a Service Plans: Putting the Pieces Together talks about Microsoft's PaaS. Not family with that acronym yet? It's all about platform as a service and the cloud computing model.

"What this further refinement to Microsoft’s cloud computing strategy shows is a growing set of business processes that can be added to the more generic systems-level services that have been highlighted as part of the S+S campaign. This makes for a powerful five-prong thrust into cloud computing that I think will become a major contender in the next year or so. The five prongs are:

• Standard Microsoft develop and deploy tools that can target hybrid cloud and on-premise applications, well-known to millions of developers
• The Microsoft system software stack, available in the cloud or on-premise
• Office Business Applications (OBA), that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, utilizing back-end services that are also available on-premise or in the cloud.
• Emerging Dynamics services, like Ebay and payment processing
• Existing AX and NAV services, now made hostable as well"

I'm not the expert in this space by any means, but it all sounds good to me.


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