HOT! MSDN Code Gallery goes live

MSDNCodeGal I have been working with the MSDN team to roll out the all new MSDN Code Gallery for 18 months. It the answer to some customers and partners who thought that posting to CodePlex was too complex. Where CodePlex is for open source and hard core devs, the MSDN Code Gallery is for everyone, no matter what your coding expertise level is. sez in their article titled Microsoft Launches New 'Code Gallery' for Developers,

"At the MSDN Code Gallery ( developers can download official Microsoft code samples, download user-submitted code, access tutorials and create their own "resource" page to upload their own code samples or other offerings."

So I've ginned up my first code gallery called Microsoft CRM Dynamics CRM 3.0 Samples. Wow, was it easy. The hardest part was making it through the legalese to make sure I understood the purpose and rules of the site.

If I get good reviews I will next create a Microsoft CRM Dynamics CRM 4.0 Samples code gallery.

Now listening to Stan Getz' inimitable Corcovado.

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