Music: New for this Year on my blog

I get a lot of comments from my co-workers and friends about my eclectic choice of music that is usually playing full-time in my office. So I've decided to take a page from Dare Obasanjo, akd Carnage4Life award winning blog. I've been reading Dare's blog for a while now so it didn't surprise me when his blog made InformationWeek’s “Top 60 Little-Known Technology Web Sites”. Nice one, Dare!

The write up sez this about that blog:

"This site is written by Microsoft program manager Dare Obasanjo, who works on the Windows Live Contacts team. Obasanjo, the son of former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, writes about any number of topics in his blog, from his personal life to Facebook's strategy to his favorite features in the Python programming language to layman's explanations -- often annotated with some actual code -- of new Microsoft development tools and techniques. The site also has Obasanjo's technical writing and some other snippets of info.

Dare's blog is written with clarity, humor, personality, and individuality, traits not often found in blogs that sometimes cover such intricate topics as privacy controls on social networking sites and the inner workings of software development. An interesting touch: Dare attaches a "now playing" link to every post, accompanied by the name of the song to which he was listening when the post was created.

Dare combines timely repartee with keen insight on Web development and online services."

So I'm going to adopt Dare's 'What am I listening to now" feature.

Paul Woltz on the gold bass sax, yes there are two, count 'em two bass saxes in this clip told me that his sax was run over by a car! He was so devastated that it took him almost a year to even look at it. But he fixed it and it sounds very nice now.  :o)

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