Channel 9: CRM 4 (Titan) Overview

Is it possible that someone in the CRM world hasn’t seen this on Channel 9 Forums? This is a nice phat, info-filled demo. Kudo’s to Phil Richardson.


Free Rice to the United nations

Here’s a fun vocabulary game for a good cause. For every word you get right, the site donates ten grains of rice to the UN to help end world hunger. (Donations are funded by advertising on the site.) My friend Maggie writes, “I got to level 49 several times but couldn’t quite make it…


On Facebook: the Microsoft dynamics CRM group

I love it when I finally get to spill the beans. I’ve created the Microsoft Dynamics CRM group to talk about all things relevant in the world of CRM. Come check us out and let us know what you think.


Getting the design right and the right design – Bill Buxton

Here is just some of the latest research into how create stellar user experiences: Bill Buxton’s book “Sketching User Experiences” details how extraordinary design can be achieved, including detailed analysis of very successful products like the iPod (which by the way wasn’t an overnight success––it was on the market for 3 years with 4 iterations before…


Luv Mitch’s Latest Blog on the Birthday Notify utility

I found this blog called Using Metadata to make intelligent programming decisions by MVP Mitch Milam Very interesting. As an CRM MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional), Mitch has listened to a lot of customers and brings insight to the question, “What do Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers want?” You can read more about Mitch at Mitch…


Mitch is doing the CRM customization thang again.

CRM MVP Mitch Milam blogs about “Adding a toolbar button to create new related entities”. One of the very popular features of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is the extensibility support built into the product. Mitch’s blog demonstrates that customization doesn’t have to be hard.

It’s just beautiful…

A friend of mine is helping an old fellow sell his bass sax. So he pinged me for help in appraisal. The picture that was sent is beautiful so I thought I’d share it with y’all.


Great disclaimer…

I saw this in the comments on Raymond’s site and it just made me laugh. I also wonder if this fellow blogs? “Disclaimer:  I’m not claiming to claim knowledge of anything Microsoft may or may not have knowledge of including, but not limited to: their future direction, the lack of a time machine, where to…


CRM Dashboards – Sign me up?

Have you ever considered, or been asked to consider, creating a Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboard? Well there are lots of considerations that go into a good dashboard but you can start your reading here: Create a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 dashboard with SharePoint Portal Server Use the List Web Part for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0…


We are smarter than me

A friend of mine heard an interview about this organization on the radio this morning. Link to interview He sez, “One thing in particular that caught my attention: They were working to have a community write a book. They said that they went through 5-6 different processes trying to control the style of…