Campaign Template Libraries

I noticed this very nice read this morning, fresh off the presses.  When you create a marketing campaign in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can specify a wide variety of information and settings for the campaign, and you can create planning tasks and campaign activities to track the work your organization must do as part of…

Spaces: Creating your first blog (or getting out there)

If you have ever toyed with the notion of writing a blog, or if you have started a blog or two that went nowhere, this post is for you. I have created blogs on many different platforms but the easiest one so far has been created using Windows Live Spaces. By the way, I’ve used over ten…


I’m Going to Convergence 2007 in San Diego

The CRM Team Blog just posted the latest on Convergence 2007 and I’m really excited. I’m gonna be there to meet and greet the CRM MVPs, partners, customers, and ISVs. I learned so much from last year’s conference and got to meet and know many of the movers and shakers in the company and industry….

Use Live Search to Support the Children’s Hospital

Wowser, how time flies. I meant to blog about this last week. Go to the TeamSeattle site. Live Search and Team Seattle are partnering to benefit Children’s Hospital – and you can help. Live Search is proud to be a sponsor of the Team Seattle race car at this year’s 24-hours of Daytona race. Team…


Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Defined

I work with a lot of CRM MVPs and MVPs from other disciplines. So I thought it might make sense to define what a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is and what they do. MVPs are a valuable source for independent, real world feedback for both product development and marketing activities. They provide a trusted…


Managing Campaign Responses

Campaign responses record the fact that one of your customers or potential customers responded to one of your company’s marketing campaigns. Unlike Letter or Phone Call activities, campaign response records were not designed to represent an action item for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM user (although your company may be using this feature differently).  Because of…


How to get a performance video of your band

I have been toying with the idea of joining the band wagon and getting nice videos of some of the various bands that I play with. Right now I have anyone available take the movie and then another guy translate that to DVD. Here’s what I’m thinking of doing going forward.   1. Get a…


Troubleshooting e-mail in MIcrosoft Dynamics CRM 3.0

You can find answers to common questions that arise while working in Microsoft CRM with e-mail. As we identify new solutions to common issues, we’ll update this page.


Gerunding Your Way into the New Year – 2007

Gerund (source Wikipedia) ” In linguistics, a gerund is a kind of verbal noun that exists in some languages. In today’s English, it can behave as a verb within a clause (so that, for example, it may be modified by an adverb or have an object), but the clause as a whole (sometimes consisting only…