If you work for microsoft and blog, try not to become too popular

Blogging about my team at Microsoft hasn't been problematic for me but then my blog is not that popular. Don't get me wrong, I vie with Menno as the most popular Microsoft CRM blog and he has beaten me soundly month after month. But we are the number one and number two way behind the CRM Team Blog which is wildly popular. Keep in mind that CRM team mate blogs like Phil's would beat both of us but we just don't have the stats for his site since he moved off of the company blog engine.

However, there are the most popular blogs like Raymond's 'The Old New Thing'. And there appears to be a price for being popular as Raymond points out in his blog post 'Things I've written that have amused other people, Episode 4'. His proposed disclaimer, this web is "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY" really tickles me.

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