Take your Daughter or Son to work day

AaronMeNicky_sm Today my grandson Nicky has joined me to participate in Microsoft's 'Take Your Daughter or Son to work' day. It has become so popular that there are even Web sites devoted to this holiday. I remember when I started at Microsoft it was only 'Bring your daughter to work' day. My how things have changed.

So Nick is playing with one of the puzzles that I have used for interviews while I get some work done before we go to the opening registration and the keynote session. He loves Math and puzzles.

I used to take my son to work before he went off to college. He really loved the campus, people, and atmosphere. In this picture, now three years old, you can see my son, me, and Nick. Someday, when everyone is co-located, I hope to have a band with all of us participating.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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