80 degrees and clear skies – Where’d that come from

LakeSamm Frank Glass was blogging yesterday about the fabulous weather we have been enjoying for a while now in Seattle. I'm on the eastside and yesterday by Lake Sammamish it hit 85 degrees! The skies are so blue and the water reflects it so nicely. Most people don't know that Seattle and surrounds becomes a desert like environment in the summer, actually more like a Mediterranean climate. There is very little rain for about three to four months during the summer.

LakeSammPicnic My house is a mile from Marymoor Park and this year's concerts promise to be as varied as they are interesting. We also live a quarter mile from the Idylwood Park which is always filled with people and dogs. It is nestled on the banks of the Lake Sammamish and also has community concerts and plays.

Then there are the free concerts at Crossroads at Bellevue every Thursday - Sunday. Jazz, Blues, and folk music strong, this venue provided some of the very same high-end musical experiences that many pay a lot of money for. Just a month or so ago, Suzy and I heard SWOJO and we thought there concert at Crossroads for free was better than the swanky, limited-ticket event we went to last year on Bainbridge Island.

With the cost of gas going up and my dislike of travel modes like the airplane, I'm thinking this summer is going to be all about exploring local parks, concerts and activities. What are you planning on doing this summer? Here's hoping you won't be computer deep in the Second Life virtual world on your computer.  ;o)

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