The GAme of Business?

Hmm... this recent post in the NYT would be something my kids might appreciate.

New York Times: “C.R.M. software is designed to let your manager peek at you,” Mr. Johnston says. He notes that even at Entellium, based in Seattle, he has had trouble getting his sales staff to update their data consistently. Reasoning that sales people are wildly competitive, he thought that they would respond to a program that showed where they stood against their goals — or their peers’. Hence, Rave, which Entellium introduced in April.

Rave adapts a variety of gaming techniques. For instance, you can build a dossier of your clients and sales prospects that includes photographs and lists of their likes, dislikes and buying interests, much like the character descriptions in many video games. Prospects are given ratings, not by how new they are — common in C.R.M. programs — but by how likely they are to buy something. All prospects are also tracked on a timeline, another gamelike feature."

There has always been interesting at Microsoft to find a way to make education fun and business in general a place that you can be as passionate about about as some of your weekend hobbies. Indeed, some of us have turned our hobbies into our jobs. As I notice my kids passion for computer games I keep thinking there should be a way to make that pay off in the real world.

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