Community and Content Strategy Team (CCST) Bowling event

CCSTBowlingGang Ah, Spring time... when the weather turns warm, the sun peeks out, and collectively our minds turn towards thoughts of... BOWLING!  ;o)

So last Friday we took off for the TechCity Bowling alley for some exercise, food, and fun. 15 of us gathered to display our weak, as in very weak, bowling skills. You could tell it would be an interesting event when some of the bowlers didn't know how to pick a bowling ball. Fortunately there were those who could remember some of the basics from their high school days. Do they still have bowling as an elective in high school gym?

IMG_3629We reveled in the Mexican cuisine, drank from a wide variety of beverage choices, and didn't talk about Microsoft's Dynamics CRM product even once! But there were awards from the Society for Technical Communication and tenure awards to hand out.

 The high score for the day was 136 (or so) and the low score was 41, which was not the lowest score I've ever seen. I wonder how many of my compatriots had sore muscles the next day? Sitting at a computer 5 to 7 hours a day is not the best exercise program out there.

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