They Are Painting Our Offices

The CRM team is in a building that was first leased and then purchased. It is not a Microsoft designed building and there are a lot of oddities in it. If you are looking for an office sometimes you come to the end of the hall and the next sequential office is on the other side of the building. In many places the hall narrows and then narrows again. And my favorite weirdity, you cannot walk up the stairs from the garage to the top floor anywhere. As a fellow who could use a lot more exercise, I try to use the stairs, but this building makes that very challenging.

The walls in this building are mostly beige--I guess that is a safe color. But in my office I painted one of the walls what Crystal, one of my coworkers who is also a fabulous cook, calls a tomato bisque. It has gotten rave reviews and is often said to have a homey effect. There are pictures of jazz greats Stanley Turrentine, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and Phil Woods on the walls and lots of family pictures on the desk.

Last month we were informed that our offices were to be painted and we will be required to box up our stuff. The new paint plan is for three of the office walls to be painted white and one wall to be painted one of three colors. Using my coworkers naming scheme based on soups the available colors are, you guessed it, tomato bisque, butternut squash, and mole, which is a color very much like the background to this blog.


I chose the accent color tomato bisque. Yes I really like that color. But the designed wall will be different from the one I painted. And the painters will have a little bit of work to cover a dark color with a white. I'm also not the neatest of painters so there is a small bit of fix-up required. I wonder if they will fix my gaffs and whether they will just paint the accent color on the wall I've already chosen.

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  1. mitch_milam says:

    Mmmmm. Mole…

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