My ActiveSync World Challenges

I use my mobile device a Pocket PC from Verizon to keep in contact by phone, text, and pager. Indeed my cell phone is in the company address book as a backup number. So I am always connected but have to charge my batteries every night to make sure I'm available. Additionally I have fifteen years of phone records in my device that is ActiveSync'd to all my computers. So the same address book lives on my work desktop and laptop, my home desktop and laptop, and on the Web through my various e-mail service providers.

I tried to get a replacement battery this year for an older device and the $60 battery was no longer available through the service I bought the instrument from, Radio Shack, etc. So I went online to eBay and got a new battery that is still going strong for $6 including the shipping. My wife uses my one generation back device. She usually only turns it on when she leaves the house. My new device doesn't have a power off button. It is always on. I can however, turn off the screen and sounds.

I live in constant fear that some compelling device with a must-have feature will degrade my address book into legacy status. The reason this has not happened in fifteen years is because as the communication paradigms change, I can usually port my data from the old format to the new. However, if I wait too much past two generations of 'improvements' I know I'm putting myself at risk of having to retype all that info.

So I want the Microsoft Dynamics CRM to become my next people-ready solution because I can see a need for tracking more information in a structured manner. When was the last time I visited my sister Debby in Minneapolis? What are the pertinent anniversary dates for the people I care about? Where did I go to buy a needle for my now antique phonograph? We are almost there methinks. Now the Microsoft CRM can be more than a tool for businesses. It can be a way of life with a massive database for all the info that helps you keep in contact with great people, superior services, and solutions.

Happy Holidays!

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