MS Dynamics CRM and MapPoint Integration

With today’s high gasoline prices and time at a premium, it is important that you plan your business trips to visit customers, sales prospects, and others to maximize time and cut costs. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 and Microsoft Excel with Microsoft MapPoint, you can create a targeted and efficient plan for your onsite calls…


Keep your service calendar healthy when an employee isn’t!

There are few things a scheduler dreads more than someone calling in sick when the service calendar is full of service activities. With the following steps, you can keep your business running smoothly: • Block off the employee’s work day to prevent additional service activities from being scheduled. • Find and reschedule existing service activities….


New Visio Shapes for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0

I wanted to let you know that the folks at Invoke Systems have created a Visio Shapes download for Microsoft Dynamics CRM v3.0. They are experts on  Microsoft Dynamics v3.0 and have realized the value of creating fast mockups of CRM v3.0 screen shots. The Visio shapes are free to download the shapes on the Microsoft…


Signature Lines and CRM

Signatures (aka sig-lines) are a common request with users of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We recently published an article on our communities site how to use Microsoft CRM e-mail templates to create signature lines. Set your e-mail messages apart with a signature We have a specific page on our Web site for customers and partners to…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sandbox: A Power User’s Tool

Become a member of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sandbox to learn about Microsoft CRM and to share your knowledge with other Microsoft CRM system administrators, users and developers. Contributions from individuals like you are what will build the Sandbox into a timely source of Microsoft CRM information through postings to message boards, links to blogs…


Help meet your sales quota with an e-mail quick campaign

What is a better feeling at the end of the month than having done all the appropriate things to close enough sales to meet or exceed your quota? One way to feel confident that you will close those sales is being able to contact customers quickly about events that they will get excited about, such…


John Writes a CRM Gadget for Vista

A buddy of mine John Straumann, up in Canada no less, ;o) blogs about using Vista and Office 2007. He then proceeds to write a Vista Gadget to access CRM accounts. Methinks this is just the tip of the iceberg. And those who love to play with code will have a lot of value-add opportunities with…


It’s Goofy Friday Again

It tickles me how much madcap fun and weird announcements seem to happen on Fridays at Microsoft. The are the typical self deprecating humor with pointers to people making fun of us in the blogosphere. We can actually learn from many of these.  Then there is team humor that might not be funny to others but…


Create your own Quote template using Microsoft Office Word

You can create your own template by using Office Word that contains your organization’s letterhead and other items related to your business. Then, you can export the quote, order, or invoice directly from the view list by clicking Export on the Actions toolbar, or to get more detail, you could define an advanced find search…


Defining the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users

Part of creating usable, friendly, and must-have software is based on first studying the users and their needs. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM product team did that and even created a ‘People and Departments’ mapping so that we could get our heads around the needs of our users. This Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model visually represents people…