Campus Pictures: Fall is Here!

I drove into work this morning around 7 AM and it was still a little dark and the temps were hovering around 45 degrees (F). As I waited at a stop light I noticed the tree leaves were beginning to turn colors and fall. This campus sure is pretty this time of year. This is a sample of what I saw this morning as captured through Bill Luan's camera:

And some from Jeff Wang's perspective:

This is the road I take into work. I remember when these trees were actually quite small. That's what 15 years in the same venue will do for you.

So fellow bloggers. The gauntlet has been thrown, so to speak. I read a lot of your CRM blogs. What does your part of the world look like. Here's what Bill Nye sez to the question, "Why Do Tree Leaves Change Color."


Comments (4)

  1. BlakeHandler says:

    They’re beautiful — I live in Los Angeles where we don’t have seasons. The only way we know it’s winter is when the billboards begin to show snow in them! (^_^)

  2. mitch_milam says:


    Wow. Trees.  Much like LA, in Dallas, Fall is usually scheduled for October 28-29 but sometimes it can last as long as an entire week.


    Later, Mitch

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