Triaged CRM Customer Suggestions

Jerry asks for the list of customer suggestions that was triaged this month. Good question, here they are:

Votes   Subject                                                         Action

5       Distribute Campaign Activities should allow an attachment – dupe, tell newsgroup thank you.
5       CRM should let me have multiple lookups to the same entity – work around with left nav page
5       Email Templates should have option for attachments – dupe, write back newsgroup
5       Records should allow multiple owners – add to work tracking database
5       Feature request - advanced find record counter – add to work tracking database
5       MSCRM Opportunity's to allow price override and write in products – already answered in newsgroup
6       Feature request - Bulk edit of Activities – add to work tracking database
6       How can I close multiple activities at once – dupe, tell newsgroup thanks
6       Add hot keys to increase usability – add to work tracking database
6       Should be able to create recurring service activities – dupe, thanks for the suggestion
6       allow multiple choices as an option when creating lists – add to work tracking database
6       Dramatically improve the migration from ACT to MS CRM – add to work tracking database
7       Allow full editing capability in Microsoft CRM – add to work tracking database
7       Add a REAL Outlook Client (rich client) – add to work tracking database
7       CRM should be able to publish KB articles to our customers – add to work tracking database
8       Actual mail sent date field – add to work tracking database
8       CRM Alerts – add to work tracking database
8       New Field Type - Button – add to work tracking database
12      Roaming Profiles & Outlook – add to work tracking database
15      CRM in OWA – add to work tracking database

Some of these that have been put in the work queue may already be under consideration. By adding the suggestion to the work database, the dev and PM team will review and prioritize the suggestion for possible implementation.

Comments (8)

  1. georged says:

    This is something that we should see more often – a small insight into CRM development process.

    The second item ("CRM should let me have multiple lookups to the same entity – work around with left nav page")

    looks very interesting but I could not find the workaround you’re talking about. Any chance of URL?

  2. Jim Glass Jr says:

    Good point George. The workaround was assigned to a PM to message and I will also post it here soonest. Thanks for reading!

  3. Jim Glass Jr says:

    From my PM connection: Ah.. sorry I still haven’t gotten around posting the workaround. Here’s my answer:

    “For custom entities, it is possible to work around this by creating a one-to-many relationship between a system entity and a custom entity. This way the multiple custom entities associated with the system entity show up as a left navbar item. However today (in 3.0) it is not possible to add relationship of multiple system entities to another system entity. This issue is being tracked in our database for future releases of CRM.”

  4. banhinc says:

    I’ve come across this issue many times.  Most of the requests I get is having the Opportunities associate to multiple contacts/accounts.  From the user perspective, when they work an Opportunity, there are always multiple contacts involved and they want everything tracked.

    This is usually the biggest obstacle to overcome with the users.  Is there any chance this can be resolved with a Rollup update instead of waiting for the next version?  The next version is at least several years away.

  5. beroni says:

    It shoud be interesiting to implement a new task: Send SMS, who obtnain the mobile number and send a text to the service configured previously in Outlook and in Web page, as a new task.

    Some tasks can be managed using Activity task, but sometimes it is not necessary to control the service activitity, of example, a Task to remote control of another computer, using some kind of software to connect remotey (as Terminal Services clieint, VNC, Inquiero (NTC), etc.

  6. beroni says:

    A easy mode to connect from a portal, for example, a webservice, to give the option to open anonimously and search published Kbase documents in CRM. from a corportate portal, giving our costumers to look for information by theyselves, without the need to contact with us.

  7. beroni says:

    the cRm, the Relashionship with the customer is poor.

    It shoud be interesting to have an option to relate contacts to MS Passport account, to give the customers to acces a our system, and, depending of a permission configuration, allow them to:

    – Change by byselves their information: Email, address, phone numbers, etc.

    – Have the option to send a mail to them to ask for update their information perioracy, for exmple 1 time every year.

    – Have the configurable option to give acces to their cases, to know how it is, without the need to call us asking for it.

    – Have the option to search to the knowdlegbase (and give the option to add documents attached to the Kbase).

    – It is silly to do not give an import option to massively import contacts form outlook. The verion 1.2 give this option, but not in 3.0 & 4.0. Also it is horrible to remember the problem affected to import CSV files "," as separator, when you have a codepage diffent to the expected.

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