Making Community Guru connections at Microsoft

I have added YALL (yet another link list) because I wanted to use this blog as a one place stop to connect me to the blogs I read on a regular basis in the CRM space. I thought I'd introduce the gurus to you with what little I know about them from a work perspective. Since I am not partying with these guys, none of them are musicians or performers as far as I know, I obviously won't know 'the rest of the story'.  ;o)

  • I'll start with Korby Parnell, as I have known him the longest. Korby is a passionate community guy who loves to dabble with the various Internet technologies. Like me, having come from an extended tour of duty on the Visual Studio team, Korby know a lot of movers and shakers in the world of Microsoft programming.
  • Then there's Jana, who is my MS blogger connection and support. She is a real go-getter. She responds to my questions so fast that I have to restrain myself from randomizing her with too many questions. Everyone should have a friend with Jan's connections.
  • Josh Legard is a very impressive fellow that I consider myself lucky to work with. Keen intellect, great work ethic, and a real community guru inspiration. Josh has helped me in my transition from doc manager to site manager more than he knows.
  • Two of my mentors have worked with Dave and passed specs that he crafted that helped me to understand and internalize the inner workings of MSCOM. So he wouldn't recognize me if I walked by him at one of the ~50 cafeterias at Microsoft, but I would recognize him.
  • To round out this list I'd be remiss if I didn't include a Windows Live Spaces community type. Michael is a GPM from Spaces that I highjacked from Jana's YALL and his use of the Spaces medium makes me want to update mine. Even my mom uses Spaces and she still has me help her use MS Office. That's how easy it is to blog with Windows Live Spaces.

All of these blogs are just great reads too. That's a nice bonus. Enjoy.

Comments (4)

  1. BlakeHandler says:

    Sharing your favorite links? I thought that’s what Microsoft’s Live Favorites is for. . .

  2. Jim Glass Jr says:

    Luv and use Microsoft’s Live Favorites. It’s an implementation that will be well received by the public and is long overdue.

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