Have you published your customizations?

That is the most common reason that customizations are not appearing. This is the final step in the online Help procedure: Create a new entity, which is in the online Help topic, Create or edit an entity.

When your customizations are complete, publish your customizations. You can publish customizations for the current entity, selected entities, or all customizations.

  • To publish customizations for one entity, on the entity form, on the Actions menu, click Publish.

  • To publish all customizations, click Save and Close to close the entity form. On the Actions toolbar of the Customize Entities list, click More Actions, and then click Publish All Customizations.

  • To publish customizations for specific entities and items, click Save and Close to close the entity form. In the Customize Entities list, select the entities that you want to publish, and then on the Actions toolbar, click Publish.

Have a great weekend!

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