Why am I called JaAG?

One of the partners thought I should blog about why I call myself JaAG. JaAG is just an expansion of my initials James A. Glass. It is also my Microsoft alias. So I often find myself in this conversation:

Them: JaAG, that's a cool alias. How'd you get it?

Me: I asked for it.

Them: Silence (cue crickets) or "You can request a specific alias?"

When I was in school, there were always a number of Jim's in the class. I always hated that. So I named my son Aaron and then, you guessed it, there were always a number of Aaron's in his class and no Jim's. Here at work there are a number of Jim's. Since many of my friends at work call me JaAG anyway, I decided to start using it in my new capacity as the CRM site manager.

This year in the jazz ensemble I play with there are three Jim's. The director would often say things like, "Jim, you played that wrong!" and all three of us would have a 'gut check' moment. Now I've asked him to start using JaAG, and my stress level is a lot lower.  :o)


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  1. BlakeHandler says:

    Aaron Glass — maybe we could nickname  him "Aaero"?

  2. Jim Glass Jr says:

    JaAG aka Jim –

    Always good to hear from you.  You might be interested to know that most of the men in our neighborhood work for Caterpillar and are named either Dave, John, or Matt.  I usually hail a neighbor by saying "Hey, Mon!" using the reggae pronunciation of "man".  The third of them that are named John think I said "John" and respond accordingly, the other two thirds think I said "Man" and also respond accordingly.  Some days, being thought accurate one-third of the time is good enough.

    The name Max in our neighborhood is usually reserved for diminutive or low-slung dogs.

    I leave you with this thought:  6-strings, 6-pack – Coincidence?!?

    Max in Peoria

  3. Jim Glass Jr says:

    And here I assumed that whilst in the military you were somehow associated with the Judge Advocate Generals office…..  (okay not really…)


  4. Jim Glass Jr says:

    Here’s a bit of trivia for you. I’m actually the person who designed the feature that allows you to have any alias you want. In fact it’s one of the things I hold a patent for: “System and Method for Maintaining and Administering Email Address Names in a Network – 6/03/96”. Aren’t you glad I did that for you? 😉


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