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In May we kicked off the CRM team blog and the team has blogged every working day since then. It has been an effort with contributions from all corners of the team. Marketing, Training, Devs, PMs, test, UX, and MVPs have contributed to the blog. And comments that you provide are escalated on a case by case basis. I can't give you the hard statistics but this blog is by far our most successful effort to provide a bit of transparency into the inner workings of the product and support teams.

The CRM Sandbox continues to be a great place to get code. Contributions from the product team as well as the Sandbox community have proven to be very popular. And the contributes write to say things like:

"Since <contributing some code to the Sandbox downloads>, I’ve been receiving a few key requests almost everyday for MyCodeSample. Quite a few requests indicate in interest in using the tool to better learn <other aspects of CRM>. It has been a great source for leads."

The items in brackets changed to make this a generic example. Feel free to sample some of the solutions provided on the Sandbox. Any contributions are also happily received.


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