Target Marketing Lists with CRM 3.0

Targeted marketing lists are necessary to a successful campaign. Your marketing team can create a targeted marketing list of existing customers and associate the marketing list with a campaign. Alternatively, your team can use a marketing list they obtained through an external source, merge the list with existing customers, and then manage the list as they run a campaign. In this way, your marketing team can start with a list of leads, refine the list based on campaign responses, convert appropriate leads into opportunities, and then submit orders that result from those initial leads.

You can use marketing list-management features to:

  • Organize a list by name

  • Retrieve a list using a filtered view or use Advanced Find to search for a specific list

  • Combine multiple lists to create a single, targeted marketing list

  • Copy a list, and then use it to create multiple sublists

For example, suppose you are responsible for creating targeted marketing lists. Using the list of customers in the Microsoft CRM database, you can conduct searches using Advanced Find to filter accounts, contacts, and leads into the best list for your campaign. Using Advanced Find, you can create and save a view, and then filter on that view during the campaign planning phase to create a base list, which you can then associate with the campaign.

In addition to this information, you may be interested in a recent article we posted on

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  1. cherman says:

    I agree that this is a great tool and functionality within MSCRM, but, has anyone figured out how to attach documents to either direct emails or quick campaigns using a Marketing List?

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