How to Get People to Your Blog

Philip Richardson and I were talking about getting people to your blog site. The first requirement is that you talk about what is unique to you and interesting to your readers. If most of your blog is pointers to Microsoft CRM announcements and downloads, then those of us that frequent ten or so site (using RSS for example) get the same post across many blogs. Not too stimulating.

The stock answer to getting your numbers of readers up is making use of hyperlinks and tweaking your metadata on your site. When I wrote in this same space for the Visual Studio SDK team, I had around 3000 readers for any given topic. I really didn't play the game of getting more people to my site by use of technology. I just tried to answer the questions that no one else was answering.

Philip also is recommending the use of OPMLs such as the one found at Frank Arrigo's blog site. Some people think of or use the term blogroll rather than OPML. Frank has done a good job of developing an extensive OPML, so for a neophyte, that would be an excellent place to start. Maybe some CRM bloggers will start ensuring that they have Frank on their blogrolls.

Gotta run. Today is the end of my second full week on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team. I am still trying to learn all the bits and pieces associated with this job. I trust you will bear with me. Ciao.

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  1. moo says:

    In the follow up article: How to get annoying gits off your blog

  2. Jim, I work in a pretty narrow area and my blog content reflects that. I found that by subscribing via rss feeds to certain relevant technorati searches (for blogs) and google alert searches via email for the news groups, I become aware of relevant postings. Many/most of these are questions that I can then jump in and answer. -Andrew

  3. Jim Glass Jr says:

    Moe: Um… gits?

    Andrew: Makes sense to me. I’m not sure what the next great thang will be that will allow a reader to dial in to the Web channels of communication the way you might program a TIVO or a radio station. But I’m sure it’s coming ‘cuz there are a lot of wickedly smart people out there.

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