Watch a Microsoft Developer Code with Visual Studio 2005

From Rob Caron's blog we find the Windows Mobile team describing how to code in a very nice video. If you want VSIP to do this kind of presentation let us hear from you.

Windows Mobile eHow-tos

Learn more about application development for Windows Mobile 5.0 by watching our new eHow-tos: Multimedia Documentation, designed and delivered by the Microsoft Mobile and Embedded Devices User Assistance (MEDUA) team — the same team you count on for conceptual and procedural documentation topics, API reference material, code samples, and technical articles. The MEDUA team has taken their video camera into the offices of some of the top Windows Mobile developers, product managers, product planners, and programming writers. They found the Microsoft team members who have the tips, tricks, and information you need to know about the Windows Mobile platform and an integrated development environment. The result is a series of very technical, instructional videos and demos that you will find useful and easy to use.

Here's a sample:

Creating and Debugging a C++ Windows Mobile-based Application Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (Level 200)
Nishan Jebanansam, a Program Manager in the Developer Tools Division, walks through creating, deploying and debugging an application written in C++ using Visual Studio 2005. (18:30 minutes)
110K Version | 300K Version 

Comments (3)

  1. andrew says:

    JIm, I would love for the VSIP team to make some videos… One dealing with language services because i can’t for the life of me grasp it 😛 would be greatly appreciated… on the old VSIP or the new VS 2005 VSIP(would like this one more then the other)

  2. Jim Glass Jr says:

    Andrew, that is exactly the kind of feedback I need to help convince my team that time spent on the video is worth our time! Here’s hoping that we do that "adding a 3d party language to VS 2005" video. :o)

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