Report: MSDN Forums’ First Month

Well, it's been a month since the MSCOM team rolled out the MSDN Forums and with it our sub-forum Visual Studio Extensibility. You might remember I blogged about the benefits earlier this month. While we haven't had much traffic yet, we are working to answer each question in a timely manner. So far, most answers include code as appropriate. At the VSIP dev labs, held quarterly with our partners, we hear the request, "Give us more code."

But not everyone is happy. If you read Josh Legard's Scooblog, he does a real nice job of presenting a major complaint and then addressing it. I just want to add that it seems whenever you push the envelope there will be those who complain. They existed when humans went from horses to cars (horse-less chariots then). More recently I remember the concern with Microsoft moving from floppy disks to CDs. And now, I can't wait for Microsoft to move to DVDs for those who can't download from the Internet. Each time, the move was met with dismay on the part of some of our customers.

For my team, it's all about dialog. You can comment to our blogs (see the box to the left of this conversation for a list of bloggers), send e-mail to Dr. eX, or write us in the MSDN Forum. The Forum has the most staff concentrating on reading what you have to say. Keep us in the loop. If we are going to be able to help you with your solutions, we need to hear from you. "Help me to help you."

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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    Thanks for the good words. I’m sure as soon as people finish installed beta 2 the next question is going to be "how can I make it do….?" Then they go to your forum. 🙂

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