"How Do I’ Topics Debut

Another vector for finding solutions in the SDK is to use the How Do I topic that we have designed for the latest release of Visual Studio. Now you can use the TOC, search, index, or How Do I to navigate the large doc set that is the Visual Studio 2005 SDK. Here is a…


Investigating Blue Screens of Death

Sometimes we get MSDN Feedback bugs that talk about STOP errors aka blue screens of death. When a STOP error (a fatal system error) occurs in Windows, Windows enters debug mode for troubleshooting purposes. A blue screen appears and typically displays information that is similar to the following error message: STOP 0x0000001e (c000009a 80123f36 02000000…


PM Phil Taylor at PDC 2005

F5’s Joe Pruitt talks with Phil Taylor about what VS Extensibility is, how his team enlists users to influence their development efforts, and areas where VS Extensibility applies to F5’s API and user implementations. Check it out at http://devcentral.f5.com/weblogs/dctv/archive/2005/09/14/MSFTPhilTaylor.aspx. Phil provides an rather nice overview of what the VS SDK and team is all about…

Down to the Wire–Delivering the VS SDK, ver. 1.0 RTM

What a long week! We are scrambling to finish the documentation for the RTM release of the Visual Studio SDK. There are so many good things happening this time that we really want to complete the overviews so that you can find them and start playing with the new features and capabilities. Some of the…


The VS SDK, version 1.0 RTM

My team is feverishly working on a complete rework of the documentation for this release. We’ve even borrowed writers and editors from three other teams. The goal is to simplify the docs and provide clever ways to streamline discoverability. The dev team has been reworking the samples to make them better, nicer, and more usable….

Visual Studio 2005 SDK – September CTP

The Visual Studio 2005 SDK community tech preview (CTP) is ready for the world. I’ll try to blog more later. I’m in a meeting. :o) Okay, I’m back. The September VS SDK CTP is used with the August release of Visual Studio. Murray asks what the difference is between the VSIP beta 2 release and…


Deploying Add-Ins

At some point when you are developing add-ins, you may find that you want to install and run them on another computer, a process known as deployment. Visual Studio 2005 has a special project type called a Setup Project that allows you to do this. To enable your add-in to be deployed, you simply add…


Wanna Show Off at PDC 2005?

Mike Swanson blogs that there may be a “show off” session at PDC 2005. Here a chance for you and your company to make a splash with industry peers looking on. If you are interested, let Mike know.


Comparing Automation Add-ins to Visual Studio Packages

From: An Interested VS SDK User (with our comments in brown) Hello Ed, I would like to suggest that it’s a pity (of course, it’s my personal opinion) that the strategy to separate add-ins and packages still continues in Whidbey. This strategy undoubtedly made sense until 2003 when the VSIP was not free. However, it’s a different time…


New VSIP Download Site

Today we launched the re-organized VSIP download page. This site should: Complete the transition of the SDK – everything prior to the new VS SDK is now known as the VSIP SDK Prepare the page for the new scrum process and point to a drop (known as a Customer Tech Preview or CTP) after each sprint Provide transparency into…