How to register .NET Assembly for COM Interop ?

Do you want to use your .NET DLL (assembly) from VB6 or C++ application (native code) ? Yes, you can do that using COM Interop. As per COM rules, you need to get your assembly registered on system (in Registry, yes, thats how COM works!). To get an assembly registered on system, you can use…


Want to see GAC in its naked view?

For one of my customer’s debugging scenario, I was searching for a technique to view the GAC in its simple file-folder view. (For those of you who does not know GAC [C:\windows\assembly] is just a decorated view implemented in shfusion.dll in framework folder.. Refer to [] for more information. So, there are two tricks to…


.NET Framework Configuration Tool

Just now, i was searching for something to set the redirection for .NET assembly. Like, for assembly versions to should be loading the latest assembly from the company, that is, Tried searching for writing the config file (i know this can be possible by Redirection policy configuration file..) But found one good…


Enabling .NET studio Windows Service project to work with installutil.exe

I was just trying to create a simple C#.NET windows service with visual studio .NET 2005. After selecting Windows Service template, I got the template code for common required service infrastructure lik, OnStart() and OnStop() methods. I added my custom code in necessary methods and tried to register it using installutil.exe but was not able…


How to load the assemblies from disk apart from GAC and current directory?

Just came across this question and got to know about a method where we can get the assembly resolve event and load the assembly programatically from any directory / URL we want! Following are the articles which talks more about this, Might be helpful in some situations.


The order in which Assemblies are located by runtime!

Just came across this question, and did some research! This is the order. Configuration files Application Configuration File Publisher Policy File Machine Configuration File. Check is made to see if the same assembly is loaded previously by any any other application. Global Assembly Cache Locating through <codebase> or <probing> in configuration file. Probing with private…


COM-.NET Interop development? Take care of this thing.

I was trying my hands at creating a .NET 2.0 component that can be consumed by a COM application. One of the errors I got in the process of registering the .NET assembly was RegAsm : warning RA0000 : No types were registered. This was baffling!! I had done everything right and spent quite some…