Symantec and Microsoft working together on SharePoint Interoperability

Its been quite some time I updated this blog. Have been busy at work, and working on something which may not interest you if I had put it here (Just to summarize 2 years of work in a sentence, I worked on creating tools and framework used internally by various Microsoft divisions for creating Protocol…


Removing songs from disk with Rating 1 in SongBird.

Note: This is a simple ‘Week-end adventure’, to make a tedious task into automated, fast and reliable one. The output may not be completely bug free. Problem Description: I have ‘a lot’ of songs in my media library and I use SongBird player to listen to them. There are some ‘Not so good’ songs in…


2 years.. and counting!

Yes, today I finish 2 years working with my Dream company! Its been great journey so far, and I guess company has given me everything that I ever dreamed for (except night job, but efforts are in motion to find some resolution to that! ) On development side, If I retrospect, I find that I…


Look at the operating system version and SP details from the dump in WinDbg..

This is a very common question, we encounter almost all the times. Just imagine a situation, we have got a memory dump from somewhere and want to see what operating system which is run there and what SP is installed.. For this, there is a very simple command. 0:001>vertarget Windows Server 2003 Version 3790 (Service…


How to change value of register when doing live debugging with Windbg?

Windbg has not only registers reading functionality but it can also modify registers when doing live debugging.. Its really useful sometimes to modify the register values and take different path to check for particular code branch.. You can modify the register value like this.. 0:000>r @eax=0x80040005 Above command will modify value of register eax and…


Collection of SysInternal Tools

The team has just released a new subdomain that has neat and clean list of all SysInternal Tools, ready for you!! Take a look, Stay tuned..


Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta is available!!

I’ve been using Visual Studio 2008 from few months.. Its really a great improvement over productivity.. I love new features and speedy IDE. Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2008 contains not only bug fixes but also lots of new features! Along with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 beta, VS2008 SP1 beta has been released few…


What is better way of keeping an eye on last win32 error while debugging?

I have found it necessary many times to keep an eye on last win32 error, while using Win32 APIs in code! (Calling GetLastError() after each API usage is not feasible solution!).. In Visual Studio they have provided a very good small feature. You can write @err,hr in the watch window, Similarly, you can use another…


How can I check the details about Process Token while debugging in Visual Studio?

Visual Studio 2005 onwards, watch window has got a pseudo register for investigating the details about process token. So, all you have to do is, just start debugging and write "$user" in watch window, Its interesting to look at expanded view of privileges and groups sometimes! Stay tuned..


CoCreateInstance returns 0x80080005 for Visual Studio 2008 based ATL service??

I just worked with a customer who was facing interesting issue. He was getting 0x80080005 at client when he calls CoCreateInstance. The COM component is implemented within an ATL Service which is running on the same machine (we are not hitting wire/network). Now, typical meaning of this error is, CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE                                      winerror.h Server execution failed Generally…