Creating Online Public Surveys using Excel Services in SharePoint 2013

One of the requirements we have been facing from our customers was to have an easy way of creating simple, easy, publically accessible surveys on top of SharePoint. With the SharePoint 2013 and it's integrated Excel Services this has become very easy.

In the below example I am using the pre-configured environment of SharePoint 2013 - Office 365.

Go to Sky Drive click on New Document and further Click on Excel Survey (see the image below)



This will automatically create an Excel and will Open a Wizard to create a Survey.


Enter the Questions, set their Properties, Save & Share the Survey.






Comments (8)
  1. hi Jibran thank you for your post!

    Is it possible to share survey for anonymous visitors?

  2. it's Anonymous by default.. Are you experiencing anything different?

  3. not yet, in 2010 client had some problems, I will forward your blog post so they can try.

    Thank you

  4. 2013 is different. We support this in 2013.

  5. maulesh says:

    hi i cant be able to find that information in my sharepoint 2013 environment can u able to send me updates how because it shows 365 and my version did not include office 365.

  6. Hi Maulesh – sorry for getting back late. is it resolved or still you need help.. this is part of Excel Services in SharePoint 2013. thanks

  7. webbrewers says:

    I'm surprised the final step to embed the survey on a public web page (rather than just showing a link) with a page viewer web part was omitted.

  8. SharePoint 2013 Online Training says:

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    Looking forward for more on this topic.

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