Improving Microsoft DataGrid sorting performance – Part 3

As it was announced at the PDC 2008 keynote, the Microsoft WPF DataGrid V1 is now released and available with the WPF Toolkit on Codeplex. I wanted to update my CustomSort sample to improve WPF DataGrid sort performance from here to use the released version of the WPF Toolkit. Enjoy.


Improving Microsoft DataGrid CTP sorting performance – Part 2

In this blog I wrote how you can improve Microsoft DataGrid CTP by providing your own custom sort.   As one of the comments suggested you can get even better performance by using delegates. I have changed MySort code below and I now use delegates to avoid the switch comparison that was called on every compare…


Improving Microsoft DataGrid CTP sorting performance

Summary: As you may know Microsoft released a Community Tech Preview (CTP) of the DataGrid control. See the posting here. Once you start using the DataGrid CTP, load many elements to it and you use the default, built-in sort (by simply clicking on the DataGrid column headers) you may notice that sorting can be very…