WPF Visualizer in Visual Studio 2010

Not sure if folks are aware, but Visual Studio 2010 now includes WPF Visualizer. This can really help you during debugging.
It basically allows you to explore and visualize the Visual Tree and properties of a WPF object during a debug sessions. Similar to what Mole was doing, but this is now built-in to Visual Studio 2010.

To use:
During debug, in a DataTip, Watch window, Autos window, or Locals window, next to a WPF object name, click the arrow adjacent to the magnifying glass icon.
See images below for the SDK example I used:



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  1. Tom Kirby-Green says:

    Awesome tip. I completely didn't know about this 🙂 Dev10 is just the best IDE I've used to date.

  2. jschroedl says:

    Sadly, this does not work for C++/CLI code 🙁

  3. jschroedl says:

    Sadly, this does not work for C++/CLI code 🙁

  4. small_mountain says:

    @jschroedl – I'm surprised you would even bring C++/CLI up!  C++/CLI is the language that Microsoft would like everyone to forget about.  It is the red-headed step-child of programming languages.  Nevermind that it is the only language that allows you to easily integrate technologies like WPF into existing native C++ codebases.  But, really, how much native C++ code is around anymore, really?  Everybody is rewriting all their native C++ code into C# so that it can be slower but more fashionable!

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