Snoop for WPF 4

 Not sure if folks aware that Snoop for WPF 4.0 has been available for a while.
You can download it from

This version includes other impressive list of improvements that you can read about here.
Thanks to Corry Plotts and others (Dan Hanan, Mark Kharitonov, etc) who improved on Pete Blois’ original Snoop.

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  1. Cory Plotts says:

    Thanks a bunch Jossef for the shout-out! You've long been a fan of mine in the WPF world.

    I've also been using the Issue Tracker on CodePlex … to track all additional changes (other than the initial ones described in that blog) that I'm making and have made to Snoop.

    Snoop Issue Tracker:…/AdvancedList.aspx

  2. Christopher Hill says:

    The link provided is for .Net 3.5 not .Net 4…

  3. Christopher Hill says:

    Here is the correct link.…/45696

  4. Jossef says:

    Thanks Christopher.

    My link was correct, you had to go to the "Download" tab…:)

    In any event, I updated my link to take you there….

  5. Christian Moser says:

    Hi Jossef,

    check out also the WPF Inspector. Another tool to analyze a running WPF application.

    You can download it from here:

    <a href="…/a>


    Christian Moser

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