WPF Visualizer in Visual Studio 2010

Not sure if folks are aware, but Visual Studio 2010 now includes WPF Visualizer. This can really help you during debugging.It basically allows you to explore and visualize the Visual Tree and properties of a WPF object during a debug sessions. Similar to what Mole was doing, but this is now built-in to Visual Studio…


Snoop for WPF 4

 Not sure if folks aware that Snoop for WPF 4.0 has been available for a while. You can download it from here. This version includes other impressive list of improvements that you can read about here. Thanks to Corry Plotts and others (Dan Hanan, Mark Kharitonov, etc) who improved on Pete Blois’ original Snoop.


WPFPerf Performance Profiling Tools for WPF 4 is now available!

The WPFPerf tool comprises of a suite of performance profiling tools that allow you to analyze the run-time behavior of your WPF application and point to potential performance bottlenecks. We finally release the version that also supports .NET Framework 4 (WPF 4). This version of the tool (WPFPerf 4) will allow you to profile both…