Great Charles Petzold post

Check out Charles Petzold blog. It discusses and provide examples on how you in WPF you don’t need to re-create the entire render data just to handle property changes, and thus improve perf.

Improving Microsoft DataGrid sorting performance – Part 3

As it was announced at the PDC 2008 keynote, the Microsoft WPF DataGrid V1 is now released and available with the WPF Toolkit on Codeplex. I wanted to update my CustomSort sample to improve WPF DataGrid sort performance from here to use the released version of the WPF Toolkit. Enjoy.


Fixes to WpfPerf Performance Profiling Tool

Some folks reported issues with x64 & with x86 on non-US PCs with our first post. On 10/9/2008 we posted an update.  These issues should be fixed now. You are welcome to download from:


ETW Event Tracing in WPF

Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) provides application developers the ability to start and stop event tracing sessions, instrument an application to provide trace events, and consume trace events. In addition to Windows itself, WPF also emits an array of interesting events that can be used to track the execution of an application at the framework…


Updated WPFPerf Performance Profiling Tools for WPF

The WPFPerf tool comprises of a suite of performance profiling tools that allow you to analyze the run-time behavior of your WPF application and point to potential performance bottlenecks. We now added some new functionality as well as given the tool a major facelift. Below are highlights for some of the exciting improvements that are…


Improving Microsoft DataGrid CTP sorting performance – Part 2

In this blog I wrote how you can improve Microsoft DataGrid CTP by providing your own custom sort.   As one of the comments suggested you can get even better performance by using delegates. I have changed MySort code below and I now use delegates to avoid the switch comparison that was called on every compare…


Improving Microsoft DataGrid CTP sorting performance

Summary: As you may know Microsoft released a Community Tech Preview (CTP) of the DataGrid control. See the posting here. Once you start using the DataGrid CTP, load many elements to it and you use the default, built-in sort (by simply clicking on the DataGrid column headers) you may notice that sorting can be very…


What’s new in WPF 3.5 SP1: Splash Screen to improve perceived startup perf

Summary: To improve the perception of a more responsive startup experience many WPF applications added a Splash Screen to their startup.  The Splash Screen, which does not load WPF code shows as soon as possible and is displayed until the application main window is rendered. Up until 3.5 Sp1 we pointed developers to sample code…


Improve WPF application startup using ClickOnce On-Demand Download

In this blog (see item 11.) we discussed the fact that ClickOnce can have a significant effect on application start app time. For standalone applications (both WPF and Winform apps) if you use the default settings in Visual Studio, ClickOnce will access the site-of-origin server (e.g. company network or internet) to check for a newer…


What’s New for Performance in WPF in .Net 3.5 SP1

As you know the .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Beta download is now available. There are many improvements in this release that we are very excited about. Scott Guthrie blogged about these improvements here and so did Tim Sneath. In this blog I want to specifically focus and provide more details on the performance…