Scaling out the Viewer Control and rsExecutionNotFound

One of the criteria that the report server uses to match the provided SessionID with a stored report is that the SessionID has to be provided by the same user that initially created the session.  Usually, this is the case.  Someone browses the report in IE, they click around to paginate or expand toggles, and…


Aggregating rsExecutionNotFound Posts

The posts about things dealing with rsExecutionNotFound seem to be what people find most interesting these days.  In order to aggregate the posts into one place, I will be adding links that deal with this error here. Maybe I will add a tag as well… Careful when using rc-Toolbar=false Session Timeout during execution


Careful when using rc:Toolbar=false

I’m in the middle of reinstalling Visual Studio, and so I thought I would share an interesting story from a couple of weeks ago.  An internal customer (Microsoft-speak for some other team at Microsoft) of Reporting Services was encountering seemingly random rsExecutionNotFound errors when navigating around their application.  Of course, things like this are never…


Session Timeout during execution

Reporting Services has a notion of a user session.  This is not the same as ASP.Net’s notion of a user session, and in fact the two are completely orthogonal to each other.  SSRS’s session maintains information about which report a user is looking at, the data that is in that report (we call this a…