Memory Management in Reporting Services 2008

One of the big pushes for SSRS 2008 has been to reduce the occurrence of OutOfMemoryExceptions caused during report execution.  A lot of work has gone into making this happen throughout the report rendering stack, including significant changes in the report processing engine to move a definition based object model as opposed to an instance…


Ensuring up to date results through URL Access

A pretty common pattern that I see exporting of reports through URL Access using a simple hyperlink.  The hyperlink usually looks something like this: <a href=”http://localhost/reportserver/?/SalesData&rs:Command=Render&rs:Format=EXCEL”>Sales Data in Excel Format</a> At first glance, it doesn’t appear that there is anything wrong with this.  However, if you are working in an environment where the data is…


Back from a blogging vacation?

I guess it was an unintended vacation.  We’ve been busy here in the Reporting Services team.  CTP5 of SQL Server 2008 was a large milestone for us as it really started to put together all of the work we have been doing to make the processing engine more scalable as well as nail down some…


SQL Server 2008 (Katmai) and Reporting Services

Today the first public release of SQL Server 2008 is shipping.  Of course, Reporting Services is still there in the box.  You can find general information about the release here: There are also some Katmai specific MSDN forums, and a Katmai Reporting Services MSDN forum. 


EMF Rendering and Persisted Streams

EMF rendering in Reporting Services has an interesting history.  When SSRS first shipped, we did not support “direct printing” from within the web interface.  Customers revolted.  They wanted a “Print” button on the toolbar which would provide a full featured print experience.  Many other web applications don’t actually do this, choosing instead to present the…


Diagnosing Reporting Services Issues

I was poking around some other SSRS blogs from folks here on the product team, and I found this post from Lukasz about troubleshooting Reporting Services.  It is a great overview of some of the guidance we have given in the form of whitepapers, KB artciles, and a bunch of other sources.  I highly recommend…


ReportServerTempDB IO Saturation

Reporting Services uses a temporary database for storage of objects which are, well, temporary.  For example, report snapshots which are associated with a particular user session as the result of a live execution.  Cached report snapshots are also stored here because they begin life as a result of a live report execution.  This means that…


Aggregating rsExecutionNotFound Posts

The posts about things dealing with rsExecutionNotFound seem to be what people find most interesting these days.  In order to aggregate the posts into one place, I will be adding links that deal with this error here. Maybe I will add a tag as well… Careful when using rc-Toolbar=false Session Timeout during execution


Careful when using rc:Toolbar=false

I’m in the middle of reinstalling Visual Studio, and so I thought I would share an interesting story from a couple of weeks ago.  An internal customer (Microsoft-speak for some other team at Microsoft) of Reporting Services was encountering seemingly random rsExecutionNotFound errors when navigating around their application.  Of course, things like this are never…


Mono device makes good — wins award

From Miguel de Icaza’s blog: I had no idea that the Sansa was running Mono.  Personally, I think it is really great that there are multiple implementations of the CLR.  It is even cooler that a Mono-based device is being so highly praised. Good job guys.