Diagnosing rsInternalError

You know the one.  You try to render a report and you end up hitting the dreaded “An internal catalog exception has occurred” error message.  Generally speaking, this is an indication that something very bad happened within the server which is not necessarily due to any particular action you performed, but rather due to some…


A Great Place to Ask a Question

Recently I have had a couple of people send questions directly to me via the “Email” tab asking me for some specific one-on-one technical support for Reporting Services.  I thank you very much for your interest in our product, but unfortunately I am not the best person to direct specific questions towards.  Instead, I recommend…


Transitioning between SOAP and URL Access

The SSRS Web Server supports two basic protocols, SOAP and URL Access.  The SOAP API is great for managing the catalog and doing some session management within the context of a report session, but is generally not the greatest thing in the world when actually rendering a report.  The problem is that since the SOAP…


SQL Express and Reporting Services Catalog

SQL Server Express with Advanced Services SP1 shipped a while ago and it includes Reporting Services.  There is a bit of an annoying issue though.  In the Express SKU, the database engine automatically creates databases with AutoClose on.  This behavior means that when all of the connections to the database are closed, the database shuts itself…


Session Timeout during execution

Reporting Services has a notion of a user session.  This is not the same as ASP.Net’s notion of a user session, and in fact the two are completely orthogonal to each other.  SSRS’s session maintains information about which report a user is looking at, the data that is in that report (we call this a…


Live Reports and rsReportNotReady Error

rsReportNotReady is only supposed to be thrown when a report is configured to run from an execution snapshot, and the execution snapshot has not yet been created.  It is a pretty rare occurrence and the whole error code is really meant to cover the small window between setting the report to run from an execution…


Windows Live Writer

The Windows Live folks just released Windows Live Writer.  It’s a tool which runs on your desktop and lets you publish blog entries to a bunch of different weblog formats.  This is a test post on my MSDN blog.  So far I think it is pretty cool.  It autodetected all of the settings on my…


Interviewed for SQLServerCentral.com

Steve Jones recently interviewed me for a regular column he has on sqlservercentral.com.  Check it out! http://www.sqlservercentral.com/columnists/sjones/sqlserverspotlightonjohngallardo.asp  


Should I modify Reporting Services stored procedures?

The answer, is quite simply “No.” Someone shot a post from Google Groups through my inbox this morning where some people were having problems with session timeouts (they were seeing rsExecutionNotFound exceptions). Their “solution” was to edit the stored procedures that manage user session in our catalog database in attempt to prevent them from encountering this issue….


Reporting Services and Windows Authentication

Windows Authentication is good stuff, and rightly so many people are using it in their Reporting Services deployments.  Lately, there has been quite a rash of questions that people have regarding the inability to connect to their data sources when using Windows Authentication.  Usually the scenario is that they have RS on one box, their…