Visual Studio “15” Preview 5 is posted

Get it here: Visual Studio “15” Preview 5. VS “15” is cooking along at a good pace, and the latest preview dropped last week. It promises performance improvements especially around installation and load times. From the Visual Studio Blog: Shorter solution load time with lightweight project load: Working on solutions that contain upward of 100…


Bring your Windows desktop applications to the Windows Store with the Desktop App Converter

At long last. Now you can convert your Windows desktop applications (Win32, WPF, etc.) to install as proper Windows Store apps and participate as first-class citizens in the Store ecosystem. Once converted, you can update your applications to use UWP features, like speech recognition, Live Tiles, and Hello. Also, you can leverage your existing desktop…


More Personal Computing: Deep dive into the FamilyNotes sample app

Before I moved to DX, I worked on a great team of content developers, and we created the FamilyNotes sample app (FamilyNotes sample at GitHub) to show how to use unique features of the Windows 10 platform, like face recognition, speech, ink, and voice commands. Create and present “sticky notes” for everyone in the family….


Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 is available

Download: Visual Studio 2015 Update 3. New and improved features: Tools for Apache Cordova Developer Analytics Tools Debugging and Diagnostics Visual Studio IDE Tools for Universal Windows apps Architecture Tools Visual C++ Node.js Tools for Visual Studio Web Developer Tools TypeScript C# and Visual Basic Team Explorer Xamarin My favorite new feature may be the…


Going cross-platform with Visual Studio and Xamarin

Xamarin is Microsoft’s most exciting acquisition since Skype and Acompli. (Okay, LinkedIn is pretty exciting, too.) Now you can create iOS and Android apps by using Microsoft’s C#/XAML stack and shared portable class libraries. Xamarin’s great framework used to be pretty pricey ($1,000/year license for VS integration), but now it’s free. In this MVA video,…


Weathr, a 3D weather app: code sample in C++, DirectX, and XAML

Thomas Petchel knocked this out in his spare time: While working on the Hilo C++ project, I really wanted to further explore the intersection among C++, DirectX, and XAML in the context of a Windows Store app. A 3D weather app seemed novel (I’ve never seen one before) yet doable (arguably easier to implement than…


First look: Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview SDK

Longtime readers know that I have great enthusiasm for the Kinect sensor as a revolutionary NUI technology. Now I can report that I was accepted to the Developer Preview program, and my new Kinect for Windows sensor arrived today. The packaging goes out of its way to make you feel special: when the box opens,…


DirectX game templates for Visual Studio are posted

Get them here. Are you creating a game for the Windows Store? If you’re looking for high-performance, you’ll need to code it in C++ and DirectX. These project templates give you a big head start: The Windows Developer Content DirectX game learning template sample extends the basic DirectX app template with features that help you…


Quick tips for porting a XAML Split App to Windows 8.1

If you have an app in the Windows Store already, and you used the Split App (XAML) template as the basis of your app, you’ll notice that the VS2013 compiler complains when you retarget the project to Windows 8.1 and build it: Warning: ‘Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer.DataPackage.SetUri(System.Uri)’ is obsolete: ‘SetUri may be altered or unavailable for releases after…


Developing games for Windows 8? Start here.

Following up on Shai Hinitz’s post, Developing Windows Store games, the Dev Center is hosting new guidance for creating Windows 8 games, in time for GDC 2013. You’ll find: Prepare your Windows Store DirectX game programming environment Add Windows Store features for DirectX 11.1 games Prepare your Windows game for publishing Port from DirectX 9…