Windows Phone platform updates announced at MIX ‘11

Great new stuff coming in Mango. Here’s what you’ll see demonstrated at MIX ‘11: Multitasking: The fast app switching (FAS) and Windows Phone background agent features provide a rich multi-tasking experience for apps. IE9 for Windows Phone: Additional details of the HTML5 story within the context of Windows Phone. Additional sensor and runtime access: New…


Live stream from Mix ‘11

  Mix ‘11 Live Technorati Tags: Microsoft,Azure,Silverlight,HTML5,Internet Explorer,Windows Phone


Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch

Loyal readers know that I’m enthusiastic about the Windows Phone developer story, so here are some events to help you get started with Phone 7. You can register here: The official word: Windows Phone 7 offers a new world of opportunity for passionate, creative developers. Get ready to capitalize on this exciting new frontier…


Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools are live

Download: Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW I have high hopes and an app or two in mind for Phone 7. Here are a few handy links to get you started. Windows Phone Developer Portal. Brandon’s blog post has more details on this release. Windows Phone Development docs on MSDN. Register for Windows Marketplace, so you…


Don Burnett compares iPhone development to Phone 7

Providing a nice follow-up to my recent post on modern programming environments, Don Burnett compares the developer experience for Apple’s iPhone to Microsoft’s Phone 7. Windows Phone comes out on top, as Don explains in this nice slide deck. iPhone versus windows phone 7 coding View more presentations from More evidence that MSFT can…


Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta is posted

Download from here: Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta After my recent pleasant introduction to Windows Phone development, I’m now an enthusiastic advocate. Two of the new features that really catch my eye are: Blend support – Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone is now integrated into the setup of Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta. XAP…


Modern programming: A tale of four frameworks

After starting my new job in Core OS, it became clear that I would need to brush up on my old COM-programming skills, which I haven’t used in about, oh, eight years. It’s been all .NET Framework since I hired on as a full-time employee at MSFT. A good place to get acquainted with the…


Expression Blend 4 now available for download

Expression Blend 4 makes it easier than ever to design your WPF and Silverlight apps. Here are the official bullet points: Create rich web experiences, games, desktop apps, and more. Design apps that use the full power of Silverlight. Take your ideas from concept to finished project. Work effectively with design tools, Expression Studio, and…


COM Is Love

New job! I’ve hopped over from the excellent Developer Division User Education org to the cool Windows Server Information Experience group, ‘way on the other side of the Server & Tools business unit, where I’ll be providing sample code and docs for some of the intriguing new Microsoft features. What that means for this blog:…


Visual Studio 2010 is live

And it’s good. Download the full trial version here: Visual Studio 2010 Downloads. Technorati Tags: Visual Studio,.NET Framework,Silverlight,WPF Designer