More Personal Computing: Deep dive into the FamilyNotes sample app

Before I moved to DX, I worked on a great team of content developers, and we created the FamilyNotes sample app (FamilyNotes sample at GitHub) to show how to use unique features of the Windows 10 platform, like face recognition, speech, ink, and voice commands. Create and present “sticky notes” for everyone in the family….


More Personal Computing in Windows 10: Using Ink, Voice, and Face Recognition in a UWP App

  Our team wanted to demonstrate some of the “More Personal Computing” features – what the rest of the world calls NUI – that you get for free on the Windows 10 platform. So we wrote a UWP app named “Family Notes”. It has some nice features: Speech recognition and speech synthesis by using the…


Blog reboot

It’s been exactly two years since my last post, so it’s about time to reboot the blog. After two discreet years on the amazing HoloLens project, I’ve moved to the Learning eXperiences (LeX) team as a Developer Learning Evangelist. The blog’s focus will expand from Windows programming to include code and discussions around more technologies…


First look: Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview SDK

Longtime readers know that I have great enthusiasm for the Kinect sensor as a revolutionary NUI technology. Now I can report that I was accepted to the Developer Preview program, and my new Kinect for Windows sensor arrived today. The packaging goes out of its way to make you feel special: when the box opens,…


Non-commercial Kinect SDK to ship in Spring

If you look around for Kinect SDKs, you’ll find that there are at least three frameworks (OpenNI, CL-NUI, and the official PrimeSense NITE) to play with. For me, this is all too much to suss out, so I’m delighted to report that Microsoft Research will be releasing a non-commercial Kinect SDK in Spring 2011.  Rob…


Official Kinect drivers are released

If you’re like me, you’ve been itching to get under the hood of Kinect. The prospect of a true, Minority Report-like interface is too alluring to resist.  Rejoice, for the moment is at hand: PrimeSense, the company behind the Kinect 3D technology, has just released the drivers. To give you a hint of what’s possible,…