Modern programming: A tale of four frameworks

After starting my new job in Core OS, it became clear that I would need to brush up on my old COM-programming skills, which I haven’t used in about, oh, eight years. It’s been all .NET Framework since I hired on as a full-time employee at MSFT. A good place to get acquainted with the…


COM Technical Overview topic is live

As one of my first undertakings in my new group, I wrote a little introductory overview of classic COM, which is now live: COM Technical Overview. Before this, we didn’t have a central topic that brings a bunch of fundamental ideas together, so now we have a handy place to link to. Concepts covered: Objects…


Expression Blend 4 now available for download

Expression Blend 4 makes it easier than ever to design your WPF and Silverlight apps. Here are the official bullet points: Create rich web experiences, games, desktop apps, and more. Design apps that use the full power of Silverlight. Take your ideas from concept to finished project. Work effectively with design tools, Expression Studio, and…


COM Is Love

New job! I’ve hopped over from the excellent Developer Division User Education org to the cool Windows Server Information Experience group, ‘way on the other side of the Server & Tools business unit, where I’ll be providing sample code and docs for some of the intriguing new Microsoft features. What that means for this blog:…


Office 2010 launches on May 12th

Not to mention SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010, and Project 2010. You are invited to attend the virtual launch on May 12, 2010 at 11:00am EST. You can pre-order from the Microsoft Company Store by clicking on the following picture. Pre-order Office 2010 suites Don’t forget that Visual Studio 2010 has great new tooling for Sharepoint…


Visual Studio 2010 is live

And it’s good. Download the full trial version here: Visual Studio 2010 Downloads. Technorati Tags: Visual Studio,.NET Framework,Silverlight,WPF Designer


Fun with brainwaves, part 3: Here’s some code

The story so far: Realtime Brainwave Data with WPF and Fun with brainwaves, part 2. So the code is finally somewhat presentable for public consumption. You can download it from here: Realtime Neurodata Display. If you have the Research Edition of the Emotiv SDK, this is what you’ll see: EmoEngineClientLibrary displaying realtime brainwave data from…


Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Release Candidates are posted

Go grab your copy of Visual Studio 2010 RC here. Rewritten in WPF, this is the slickest version of VS yet. Too many features to go into now, but here are a couple of my favorites. The WPF and Silverlight Designer for Visual Studio now has complete parity with the beloved Windows Forms designer, and…


Realtime Brainwave Data with WPF

Update: Code is posted here. A wonderful thing happened since my last post on this project. The friendly folks at Emotiv listened to their devoted users and opened up the raw electrode data from their amazing EPOC neuroheadset (just $299). That’s a 14-channel fire hose of brainwave data, streaming via Bluetooth at a sampling rate…