DirectX game templates for Visual Studio are posted

Screenshot of the Visual Studio 2013 New Project dialog box, with the DirectX game template selected. Graphic: Microsoft

Get them here.

Are you creating a game for the Windows Store? If you’re looking for high-performance, you’ll need to code it in C++ and DirectX. These project templates give you a big head start:

The Windows Developer Content DirectX game learning template sample extends the basic DirectX app template with features that help you understand DirectX and C++ as a game development environment. Note that the Getting Started guide has more info on using this template.

The template adds the following:

  • InputManager: Consolidated input from touch, mouse, keyboard, and Xbox controllers. 
  • Virtual analog controls: A basic virtual controller with tracked-touch analog control and digital buttons. 
  • OverlayManager: Add and manage multiple Direct2D overlays for a Direct3D scene.
  • SoundPlayer: Add rudimentary sound effects and play music as background audio. Updates to Direct3D resource management.

Get more details at the Windows Dev Center.

WDC DirectX game learning template

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  1. OpenGL user says:

    Still no OpenGL support eh?

    This is like the C++11 support problem. Microsoft do not own it so want to be monopolistic, unfair and uncooperative with global standards. Basically like a little child having a tantrum.

    People not using your creation. "I will make them use it by force! If I don't get what i want then no one will get what they want! I will destroy this crumbling ecosystem"

  2. Microsoft fan. says:

    Why would anyone want to code exclusively for what has turned out to be the most unwanted O/S in Microsoft's history.

    Totally ignoring your existing customers and continually pushing a failed UI is just pushing more and more customers away.

    Microsoft's business "strategy" is pathetic – an easy win of upgrading W7 to be more efficient and open up more of the O/S to users would have paid dividends over and over again.

    All of your customers have to ask themselves now if Microsoft will drop them in an untenable situation and make all of their previous investment worthless.

    Touch and tablets is fine, touch and desktop is completely ignorant, stupid, arrogant and failing to understand who your customers are.

    By coding for the "App Store" you immediately bypass over 1 billion Microsoft Windows customers – I have never seen anything more idiotic in my entire life.

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